The Best Trading Method on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

14 janvier 2015

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Most players of FIFA ultimate team have probably tried trading players already, doing this via the console itself. The console happens to be one of the worst platforms for trading however with many better options available. One of these newer options which increase the efficiency of trading is the EA web application.

The only feature which the FIFA ultimate team online application does not have is the ability to play games. Bar this you can do just about everything using the application that you could do on the console on cheap fifa 15 coins. People will start using the application for the same reason people use any application. This often comes down to applications being far more convenient. This convenience is likely to mean there will be an explosion of people playing whilst at the office or on the bus to school. The market is also likely to become more efficient due to players being sold frequently throughout the day. This will mean almost all trading will likely move on to being executed via the online application.

The application and the benefits it brings to players of FIFA ultimate team (FUT) can be summarised in the following way. Of course the most obvious change the app has brought has been that relating to efficiency in regards to players buying and selling players as well as the level of ease when searching for new players. A change which has somewhat been overshadowed however has been the ability for players to check and monitor the chemistry of both their players and their squad as a whole. You can also use the application to further your interaction with other players, with an important feature being the ability to lend players to your friends for tournaments, as well as being able to get your hands on your players form earlier versions of the game.

The final great reason to get the online EA web application is the way in which payment has been streamlined. Payment on console was never particularly simple, with a number of hurdles for prospective players to jump over. Players can now pay more conveniently through a number of different mediums. The first major change with the app becoming more popular is the fact that the value of players is likely to rise across the game as a whole as simply more players are attracted to the game with the EA web application. People are also likely to become somewhat more liberal with their money when it comes to paying with an application as it is much easier. The money making potential for existing players is also likely to increase, with some players using the app to make a killing.

Why I believe the EA Sports Web App is more efficient for trading than the console’s transfer market is that when you set your search criteria and initiate the search the web app will retrieve and display 15 results as opposed to the console’s 10 results. This allows you to go through nearly twice as many results per page as you can do on the console. Another negative to trading on the console is that the interfaces are slow in comparison to the PC’s web app because when you flick through the pages on the console it takes a while to retrieve the next set of listings but when you switch pages on the PC the results are displayed immediately.

The least but maybe more convenient method of trading would be by using the EA Sports Mobile Web App that’s essentially a mobile version of the PC’s web app. Just like the PC web app you’re unable to play actual FUT Games on the mobile app. Instead you’re able to manage your FUT club and also buy and sell players but just like the console version the transfer market is slow at retrieving results. This could be further handicapped by when you’re out and about and have no wi-fi so you’re forced to use your networks internet usage such as 3G that can be even slower when you’re in a busy city. The mobile app only retrieves 10 results per search too so it’s not the most efficient method of trading but it is convenient when you’re outside walking to school or work and you have no access to your console or PC.

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